In  a matter of days our world was changed. We went from seeing each other in person to Zoom meetings, and from roaming free to staying indoors. Things certainly feel and look different.

With these changes there are still ways for us to stay active and explore the world.

The Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is offering virtual tours. The cool video allows you to take a 360 walk through the park. Check it out  here.

Looking for something a little more under water? Check out the Channel Islands webcam. You’ll be transferred into a live feed deep inside the Anacapa Ocean.


If you’re ready to kick it up a notch and break a sweat a lot of exercise programs are offering free classes.


Peloton is offering a 30 day free trial of running, strength, cycling and other fitness classes to everyone. The great part about this is the app offers live classes and classes on demand.

You can sign up here:


Although the world around us has changed there are still ways for us to stay connected with not only others but with our minds and bodies. Soon we will be able to gather outdoors but right now for the safety of other please explore indoors.



The Hawke & Co. Family