Our amazing National Forest System includes hundreds of millions of trees, one of the most efficient and readily available carbon sinks on Earth. However, unprecedented wildfires and other natural disasters –exacerbated by climate change, drought and historic forest management practices – have severely affected our National Forests’ ability to store carbon.

Understanding these issues and seeking a proactive solution, the NFF developed the Carbon Capital Fund, an innovative way for businesses and individuals to help reforest our National Forests and sequester carbon dioxide. By using the power of voluntary carbon markets, our connections with our corporate partners and encouraging the participation of everyday Americans, the NFF is working to help heal these damaged lands and demonstrating the value of our National Forests in a larger climate change strategy

These projects plant trees in naturally deforested areas, allowing the newly planted trees to sequester the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, as they grow. As the trees continue to mature, they provide additional benefits for our National Forests, including wildlife habitat enhancement and enhancement of recreational opportunities. The Carbon Capital Fund is not a long term funding solution to the reforestation backlog on National Forests, but rather an innovative strategy helping to improve knowledge about the role that National Forests have in climate change strategies. Without your support, these projects could not take place.

To learn more about the Carbon Capital Fund, contact Wes Swaffar at 406.830.3356.